Shoutout to someone we all know and love … @manton …. Let me explain.

I have an instance of 1999 by @dave and had been wrestling with getting it imported to my Every which way I turned gave me part of what I wanted, but somehow never managed to complete the cycle. RSS, JSON, import to Wordpress, export to WXR … it always seemed to be an incomplete record … but I knew the JSON file was complete.

Manton ran his magic last night and lo … over 500 posts (if I counted right) are now all added to my existing instance and my ‘micro world’ is all in one central place.

Not only that but in that process he also fixed the bad behavior of large images pushing out the edit screen on the web.

For posterity, my first 1999 post was on 21st April 2016 and is now right here on

Thankyou Manton

John Philpin @JohnPhilpin
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