It Must Be Me. Not You.

That day you walk into a coffee bar with a big beautiful Espresso Machine behind the cashier.

“A latte please.
“A latte”
Cross talk behind the scenes asking someone else if they know what I was talking about.
A third person enters the scene ….
How can we help?
“A latte please.”
She turns to the two young kids …
Latte … It’s a coffee drink …
Oh … never heard of that … thank you.
Third person turns around and starts to make the drink … The coffee appears and she disappears behind a curtain, to emerge three minutes later with one of those ice blended abominations.
“No. sorry, I wanted a Latte.”
So you’ve changed your mind?
“No. Not at all. I have wanted a Latte since I came into the store.”
She turned around and made one.
It really is rather nice … But what did they THINK I was talking about?

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