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🎥🎬 Rent for $5.99 or Buy for $9.99 … I didn’t expect to see that kind of offer on a movie as well reviewed as Dune!

🎥 Knives Out 2 is Expected to Release in Late 2022

This is a perfect example of why I know that I am an edge case.

I don’t even get why they bothered making ‘Knives Out’ to begin with.

Wes Anderson Hasn’t Changed With ‘The French Dispatch.’ And That’s Perfectly Fine.

It was on my ‘to watch’ list even before I read this;

< “But the most endearing thing about Wes Anderson is that …

🎬🎥 It’s Harvey Keitel - so of course - a must! It’s a 2021 movie. BUT … ‘rent it for 99 cents’ didn’t fill me with hope.

Don’t worry - well worth the watch.

🎥🎬 There’s something about Nick Cage films.

Their ratings are in the ‘0 to 2’ range OR the ‘8 to 10’.

Pig is in the ‘8 to 10’.

🎥🎬 Next movie on the list will be a little slower in pace.

🎥🎬 Talking about setting expectations - I also watched The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard earlier this week. Very good … just not as good as I was expecting ( the first had me curled up in balls - maybe it was too good?

🎥🎬 Watched Cruella last night .. I was outvoted .. that said very good. Maybe that’s the trick of enjoying a movie … set expectations low.

🎬🎥 Watched Tintin … a superb little movie. Just do not understand why the stories have never been turned into a film series.

🎥🎬The cast for the first Knives Out sequel is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

The ‘first’ sequel? A sequel is worrying enough - that there are more in the hopper is deeply concerning.

Such a crap movie … I guess they are doubling down.