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🎶 🎵 🎼 Guyville : Boys + Girls With Guitars Takes You On An Intriguing Sonic Journey

.. out of LA -

🎶 🎵 🎼 This just spotted in The Grauniad

But, if you only have one click in you use it here … if you want to spend a good 30 minutes crying (in a good way).

🎶 It’s a cover of Alan Parson’s Eye In The Sky.

… a very good cover - and with just two people performing.

You will only be disappointed if you don’t like the original to begin with.

🎶 I have to say that I do like the Albums app - but I REALLY like the newsletter updates that go with it.

🎶 Vangelis Dead: Oscar-Winning Blade Runner Composer Gone at 79

Chariots of Fire seems to be the other headline.

I haven’t seen one that reads ‘Keyboard Player for Aphrodite’s Child’.

🎶 🎵🔗 Way better than the first track I heard from the new Porcupine Tree album 🎵🎶

🎶🎵 As a 60s ‘pop song’, 🔗 Simon Dupree and the Big Sound’s Kites has always had a place in my heart.

As a progressive band, 🔗 Gentle Giant sits in my personal pantheon of musical influence.

Just discovered today that the latter were essentially the same band as the former. 🤯

🎶 🎵 Remember Labi Siffre?

I liked his stuff at the time, but never really kept track of him.

This podcast with Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt woke me up to everything this man is and stands for.

Well worth a listen.

🎶🎵From You Know Where.

🎶🎼🎵Dave Grohl calls Liam Gallagher “one of the last remaining rock stars”

I like Dave Grohl. I’m enjoying his new book. But that doesn’t mean to say I agree with him on everything.

This is one of those. Vehement disagreement.