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The In Between Newsletter - by John Philpin - People First

It might be the first of a few ….

This week’ newsletter : ’A’ Future - Not ‘The’ Future

”‘Expect the unexpected’ says the social media meme. When it happened. We froze.”

I seem to be on the same track as @GapingVoid

Now you just need to recognize that it is your future. Nobody else’s. YOURS.

This week’s newsletter just went live.

Coincidentally in the week of Micro Blog Book Recommendations - the sub title plays on Ken Kesey’s greatest book - Sometimes A Great Notion. 📚

It’s not about Ken, or his books - its about a musician and good friend of mine.

This week’s newsletter introduces Value, plays off a Galloway proclamation and recalls an old Geoff Moore video.


A Four Letter Word Ending In K is Issue 26 of the People First Newsletter.

Conclusion: There is no ‘Future of Work’, but there is Income 2.0. We need to really come to terms with what that might look like.

(Not talking UBI, though that might be part of the equation.)

Your Id Isn’t Your ID and don’t let them suggest otherwise is the 21st newsletter from People First.

Let me know what you think and BIG shout out to @colinwalker inside of it who unknowingly planted the dynamite under me to get this written and published.

If you aren’t signed up to receive the People First Newsletter … today’s just dropped …

Your Identity. Your Data. It’s Personal.

Number 17 just hit the decks …

Dirty Secrets - But can they really be secrets if everyone knows?

🎵 Did I mention that this week’s newsletter is out … it dropped on Tuesday.

Exploring Punk Floyd (no typos) and the rewriting of history.

Fitting In Might Be All Bullshit … the latest newsletter from People First has just been published. Enjoy.