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Just Finished Reading: Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci 📚

I don’t write many book reviews but for this one I will make an exception - with a good reason - but not yet.

I will be back. (If you will pardon a spot of ‘Arny Channeling’ !!!)

I still need to write more about this - but no more dilly-dallying - time to share regardless. The image speaks volumes.

Credit Tim Urban via Chris Hladczuk

GAWD - only just remembered that Micro Challenge Sprints have already started!

So that’s this weeks fail :-(

I see RR Live has introduced comp tags for states that have never sheltered and reopened … time to revisit around the third week of May.

Just revisiting the Google Rant

.. all this time later, does it still hold?

Seen two separate references in the wilds of the blogosphere to this graphic in the last three days - no original source. Posting for posterity to revisit at some point.

Amsterdam to embrace ‘doughnut’ model to mend post-coronavirus economy.

Adding a new category : Revisit

The Roam Cult

Me? I’m still on the ‘let me in’ part of the list. Anyone else care to share their Roam Reflections?

Asking for a friend …

  1. Share a link from something like Fiery Feeds you get title and URL sans markdown.

  2. If i open FF post in Safari and do the same - all the markdown appears.

Anyway to make 1 behave same as 2 ?