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O M G …. PRICELESS .. it even ends on MasterCard!


You don’t often see BoJo on his back foot. He’s still not looking in tip-top condition - but I have a feeling Keir is going to do a better job at holding him to account than the previous incumbent.


Introducing one of my best friends in the world. Sorry the video is small post some cropping. Hope to fix that.

PS - Everything you hear is Randall, live at that moment. No backing dubs or overlays - other than his loop box.

Original video by David Wiltsie

Inline Video Test. Move along now.

Not yet watched it - but I know I will - and if the book is any indicator - should be VERY good.

Shoshana Zuboff

Fun watching this 14 years later

John Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Speech.

via Brainpickings

For all in the UK - something to make you feel better. This link is cued to start at the right place - 15 seconds. For some reason the embed isn’t taking it.

(Except now it is! Go figure!)

(I really wanted to try the new video upload - but looks like ‘Mr Pie’ has a control to stop trimming. Well - specifically, if trimmed … you don’t get to share. Makes sense I guess.