How Quick We Forget

Back in the day, because I knew a little bit more about technology than other family members, I was the defacto 'go to' dude for technical support. You all know what I mean. Interestingly, more often than not, a fix could be achieved by the  simple 'switch it all off - switch it all on again' 'command'.

At a similar time, I remember a friend getting out of her corporate marketing role, to follow her dream of becoming an artist. A couple of years later, I asked how it was all going. Oh great she answered - loving every minute of it. I just wish I could sell more.

I offered to help and asked for a copy of her marketing and sales plan.

'Oh, I don't have one' she replied.' Give me a few days, I will send it to you.'

This is someone who had spent her life working in large corporations, developing and implementing marketing plans for a living. That was the reason she was paid 'the big bucks'. But when it came to her own business, despite everything she knew. she hadn't done it - and couldn't work out why sales were so poor.

So, back to that technical support question. For the past two days, this service that I am writing on has been down. I submitted tickets to the provider. I asked for help in a community and nothing - until Andy Sylvester responded with 

When I see problems like this, one thing I do is to reboot the server.

Of course!  The simple 'switch it all off - switch it all on again' 'command'. How quickly we forget even the simplest of things. Thank-you Andy. And I think I know understand a little better what happened to my friend the artist!

John Philpin : Lifestream @JohnPhilpin
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