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” “social affordances” … this person is drunk”


“Some people jump out of planes for thrills. I install iOs 13 on my iPad.”


“I didn’t realize a pot of water was boiling because i thought the rattling sound it makes on my stove was part of the new thom yorke album.”


“I’ve been saving articles to Evernote again recently and have yet to go look at any of them so I feel safe saying I still don’t need Evernote.”


“Rearranging bullet points on a Powerpoint slide” is the new “Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.”


“Some simple human interaction can be far more powerful and effective than clicking on a Like button.”


”I knew nothing about Minecraft before this demo. And I know nothing about it after this demo.”


”Salad doesn’t taste like pizza.”


”It’s like walking into a place and there’s always a seat for you and you don’t have to speak, if you don’t want to.”


“ ‘ruthless prioritization’ has been a theme for me this week. ✂️”


“I know @dave doesn’t reply on here (or anywhere for that matter)”


“I am most at home just on the outskirts of normal.”


“The interesection of analogue and digital is kinda where I live.”


“I am nothing if not a collection of random bits of browser history.”


“I’ve got my on this day page working. One of those thing that is a lot more interesting for a blog owner than anyone else.”


“It’s like saying the iPhone is small - so the apps should be cheap”




“Glad I could give you chaps a little temporal whiplash!”


“Friends should not let friends post before coffee.”


“It’s hard to discern wines by how they look splashed on the basement floor.”


“The problem isn’t the 1% the problem is that most are convinced its all about becoming the 1%.”


“Humans are too weird.”


“Don’t let Twitter own your epic wisdom.”


“I’m not sure it’s technically a latte if it isn’t roughly the cost of a new paperback.”


“Every good community needs a place to immortalize quotes.”


“Micro.blog inspires blog posts. Social media encourages spam posts.”


“History belongs to those willing to hit publish.”


“I should have coffee before I try to make coffee.”


“JIRA, when properly used, makes you more productive by forcing you to do your work in 50% of the time because it takes the other 50%.”


All quotes appeared within the micro.blog stream with the following exceptions:

“History belongs to those willing to hit publish” was originally published here

“The interesection of analogue and digital is kinda where I live.” was something @jack said on this podcast

”It’s like walking into a place and there’s always a seat for you.” was something @mikehendley said on this podcast

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