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OK … we are active again after a brief hiatus - lets call it the summer. I am talking to @modernlittleme this coming Friday and we will try to get a plan together. More on that … after that.

This is a page where I am capturing people that are interested in buying into the ‘swag’ offering that @JohnPhilpin and @modernlittleme are working on. Our labour is free, and the swag offered will be at cost PLUS a reasonable markup with all profits going to support @manton and @macgenie who are micro.blog

Inclusion on this list does NOT constitute commitment - we need to work out what and how much first - and then recognizing that we have interest in The UK, Europe and Australia - we haven’t even started to crack those logistics yet.

Offerings that we are toying with include;

  • Stickers - thankyou for the idea @cheri
  • Pins
  • Patches
  • TShirts
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Journal (doffing our hat to the journalling / pens community that appear to be heavily represented in this space.)

If you aren’t on the list yet, but interested - ‘ping me in the stream’ and it will be ‘made so’. I am also starting to flag your geography on the list - so we can absorb the regional demand. Again, let me know if updates needed - no geography means that I THINK you are in The US.

@bensmithUK the UK - I guess !
@bruce - US
@cheesemaker - US
@Chirag - Dubai - but can ship to US
@ChrisHannah - UK
@cn - UK - and is not an artist 😊
@derekpeden - UK
@devilgate - UK
@fiona - US
@hjertnes - Norway
@JacksonOfTrades - OZ
@jemostrom - EU
@johnjohnston - UK
@seishonagon - EU
@simonwoods - UK
@stefp - UK
@stulennon - UK
@thedeskofbrad - Canada
@vishae - OZ

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