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Latest Update : December 12th 2018

This started out as a WIP post that calls out ‘Things I Really Want From Micro.Blog. It is a task wih no end, so I published this page (a la @burk calling out ideas on emoji use), to capture the communties ideas for what they would like to see.

I finished restructuring around a rough functional list - calling out community members that submitted their ideas. (Note- as in specifically raised it - not voting for it … yet!)

Not had time to parse ideas found from @kaa here

My thanks to rnv for highlighting this thread started by ft saying that “this thread has generated some interesting suggestions that would be in good company on your MB wishlist”

Meanwhile @SimonWoods just weighed in with his ideas ….

My number one miss from 1999 days ….. ‘see an error in a post you are viewing and edit it right there - through the same interface.’

Sorry - I just don’t have time to consolidate all of this into a single logical place. One day, but meanwhile who else is out there wishing for things ?

Idea Requestor  
Posts - Creating and Editing    
Cancel button next to Post in new post window @sumudu  
Auto suggestion of user names after typing first couple of letters after ‘@‘ @sumudu
Drafts @simonmumbles
Ability to see a post and then simply click on it to edit it @johnphilpin  
Posts - Reading    
Ability to zoom photos, or select them and make them fullscreen @devilgate  
Posts - Timeline    
*Greater access to your timelinev @simonmumbles  
An alternative to the raw timeline view @ronguest  
Posts - Comments / Replying To    
In the Mac app (and maybe iOS) let me see the post I am replying to above the text field I am typing my reply. @canion  
Reply-all and selective reply picker @johnphilpin  
Expandable post box in replies @simonmumbles  
Reply with photos @burk  
Edit Comments - so I can fix those typos without forever deleting and republishing @johnphilpin  
Accurate, multi-level threading of conversations @johnphilpin  
Wordpress / Self Hosted    
Support for ‘post kinds’ (from the indie WordPress plugin) @johnjohnston  
With a self-hosted site, have the ability to share shorter versions of posts with titles, not just the title and link. Maybe it picks up the excerpt or something? @mrkrndvs  
A way for self-hosted accounts to own their comments on micro.blog @mrkrndvs  
Easier self hosting so I do truly own my writing and photographs @johnphilpin  
Better tagging to filter posts into different channels on Wordpress @johnphilpin  
Personal Stats    
How many posts I’ve made, how many replies I’ve made, how long I’ve been using Micro.blog, how many photos I’ve posted, home many words. etc @kaa  
Community - Discovery    
A setting to allow users to turn off @ mentions from people they do not follow @brucegodin  
A Discover capability I can drive @ronguest  
People @johnphilpin  
Interesting Content @johnphilpin  
Filter the timeline - to start with - new content/replies, conversation @johnphilpin  
Community - Following People    
Access to Following list and/or clear indication that you are following an account @simonmumbles
People @johnphilpin  
My Content @johnphilpin  
*Others Content * @johnphilpin  
Search the social community by subject at Micro.blog then it makes every post in the community more fleeting, more ephemeral. @bradenslen  
The posts are still on the individual blogs, for posterity, but they are Balkanized, this makes the need for a site search on each individual blog even greater. @bradenslen  
On an individual post auto navigation links to previous and next posts @johnphilpin  
‘Roll my own’ template so I can truly control how I look to the outside world @johnphilpin  
‘a badge or an indicator on the app when you have unread mentions’ @sergio_101  
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