Outlier or Just Business As Usual

The drama has some investors predicting more disasters. “What if Theranos is the canary in the coal mine?” says Roger McNamee, a 40-year VC veteran and managing director at Elevation Partners. “Everyone is looking at Theranos as an outlier. We may discover it’s not an outlier at all.” That would be bad news, because without trust, the tech industry’s intertwined ecosystem of money, products, and people can’t function. Investors may find the full version of the old proverb is more accurate: “One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.”

Read All About It. Because the main story is that Theranos might just be the tip of the iceberg.

BTW - The ‘Theranos’ that Roger refers to … that’s the Theranos that laid off 155 of its remaining 375 staff yesterday - after laying 340 of 790 just three months ago

However you look at it 220 people out of 790 just three months ago is a 72% staff reduction.

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