@joeltimmins so just gave the first disc of The Great Adventure a whirl - but it doesnโ€™t sit well with me - I donโ€™t dislike it - but it is just 'there' - nothing more ... I published this a while back - which starts to get to the differences as to why I like bands that fit into what I have dubbed 'English Progressive', and donโ€™t like as much / feel 'meh' on listening to other bands that get lumped into 'progressive' ... to such a degree that 'progressive' and 'rock' get used interchangeably.

Scroll to the bottom and you will find The Flower Kings and Spocks Beard (which stylistically connect to Morse's work. Curiously - Dream Theater I do like (and definitely lineage overlap) - but I wonder how much Rudess pulls that band into what I am trying to put my finger on? BTW despite founding Flower Kings I do find some of Roine Stolt's stuff more along my lines - not all now!!