Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

I've commented on Mr. Scoble before. And I am going to do it again. This just in.

In it Robert talks about 'Mixed Reality'. Say what?

Ok - I am guilty of trying to mess around with the terms we use ... like here for example. BUT ... it was a suggestion.

Mixed realty is a thing, the question is whether the 'person in the street' is going to get it? I am not so sure.

Can you explain the difference? OK - now read the article. Can you now? 

I think the differentiation is subtle. Not only that, but the cynic in me says that we will start using 'mixed' because nobody understands the word 'augmented'.

I also happen to think that Augmented Reality will have a much wider use and acceptance than Virtual or Mixed Reality, both initially - and for some time to come.

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