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Just a test really. So far so good.

Part Four of Episode ZERO : Episode 0.4 in fact.

After a four month hiatus, I once more commit voice to microphone and deliver the final part of Episode ‘zero’.

In this episode, I get back in the saddle, play around with Garageband and spend a couple of minutes getting into what People First is all about.

Next time you hear from me will be Episode 1 - the inaugral episode of the new MicroCast from People First … unless a snickelcast sneaks in first.

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Winer started it.

”I’m thinking sort of the opposite of broadcast.. NarrowCast, SlimCast, TrimCast, SmallCast, MiniCast, NoCast, UnCast, PayCast, BuyCast, MyCast, DudCast… just a few ideas


Thankfully he didn’t include microcast or snickelcast in his list.

Finally got to cleaning up the Philpin Sounds website …

  • three PodCasts for posterity
  • three MicroCasts
  • four SnickelCasts

… not sure we have a roll yet!

Part Three of Episode ZERO : Episode 0.3 in fact.

There will be one more ‘0.x post’ before I launch People First .

In this episode I commit to no more quizzes, highlight an ‘EJIT’, share more great sounds and start to get into the flow. It’s not easy.

Part Two of Episode ZERO : Episode 0.2 in fact.

… where I explore a little more about how to make a podcast out of a fairy liquid bottle, some duct tape and a pair of scissors.

I also refer back to part one - and wonder if anyone can answer the quiz.


Added every valid feed for Microcasts on MicroCast Club to Feedly (since it was going to be a real pain-in-the-ass to add them to Castro).

I shared the Feedly folder here

If you want the OPML file you can download it here

Who am I missing?

About MicroCasts …. did I imagine that there is a hidden page somewhere in Micro Blog - where all your podcasts appear - not talking about the RSS feed - I mean an actual page?

Part One of Episode ZERO : Episode 0.1 in fact, my inaugural podcast.

As we say … ‘FINALLY’ … hopefully it is the first of many and a sign of good things to come. Let’s see.