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Four Dweebs who are on record with their douchiness does not constitute ‘all’ ‘VCs’ or ‘Silicon Valley’ who are the others racing towards a love affair with ‘Trance’ ?

I think they have confused their mushrooms with ‘the ticket’.

A new bank card for me involves a ceremony that includes cutting the old card into bits and distributing the bits into various places .. today I got my new 🍎💳, the ceremony needs a tweak .. replace scissors with hacksaw?

Play Misty For Me - as usual, no pre or post - just a 5 year old iPhone … Fun watching the mist battle with the sun.

Trying to decide if I should add more.

Is it really ‘VCs’ - or a tiny SUBCLASS of VCs?

Thiel, Andreesen, Musk .. I see all the Valley’s Nut Jobs are revealing themselves.

Your ancestors survived centuries of floods, wars, famine, slavery, and plagues for you to sit on the toilet and compare your life to people on the internet you’ve never met. Be grateful.

💬 Mark Manson

Pretty Easy Task …

Please put the newspaper back in the right order, Se that the next customer can enjoy it like you. Thank you

One of these headlines is not likely to the other two .. and I do not understand why it isn’t at the top in capital letters.

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