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When did Zoom change its terms?

I used to talk for unlimited time with 1 person with a 40-minute limit for 3 or more people.

Now that 40-minute limit is universal.


Is this going to incentivize more people to pay or will they simply find alternative solutions?

Have to say, the ad is so famous with much written about it, that I thought I knew all the ‘nuances’ - at least those nuances in the public domain. Turns out I was wrong.

Why 1984 Debuted in 1983

“Find a writer you like and read them. If you can’t find the writer whose work you want to read, become that writer. That’s what I did. It’s great.”

💬 Cory Doctorow

The Full Story

What the hell has happened?

Me: Can I order food to go?

Them: Of course, our next deliveries are scheduled for next Wednesday.

Me: Sorry, I don’t need a table, just food to go.

Them: Yes sir, I understand. We require 5 working days notice for take-away orders.

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