Apparently ‘someone’ ‘did it up’ 20 years ago - have to say I thought it was much more recent …

We will talk about steps for engagement to restart a successful business that’s been on hold for 18 months. “I’ve done it before and it looks like I am going to be doing it again!”

The stupid blue/green bubble debate continues. I have a fix. Maybe apple shouldn’t allow SMS messages to appear in the iMessage stream … like signal, telegram, what’s app et al, so (that) problem is solved.

Also if people hate blue/green so much, why not just stop using Apple?

Adding Cardhop and Fantastical to my growing ‘cancel / not renewing’ app list.

What a cluster!

Made worse by the fact that every day you could write that about something different.

Next time I publish one of these it will be solved in two steps.

Wordle 211 3/6


I don’t know why the U.S.A. is so concerned about Russia, China, Terrorism et al … it seems to me that they’re doing a good enough job themselves in destroying everything that made them great to begin with.

And I wonder when ‘United’ will get dropped from the country’s name? It seems to be an oxymoron?

Sometimes there are so many choices that it is pure luck.

Wordle 210 5/6


Wordle 209 3/6


Luck is an important factor in this game.

Love that come back.

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