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Talking about junk apps from Apple ( @simonwoods )… Contacts. Why is it so slow? BusyContacts and Cardhop both work at lightening speed on my contacts database. Moving to Apple’s relatively minimal product, Contacts and the whole system moves to a crawl.

Terrible Benchmarks and AI Text Generators

“Unless you’re going to use these tools to help you finish a crossword puzzle”

@birchtree - that’s probably the reason that @danielpunkass was exploring this … after all BlackInk is one of his products.

Plus if you can’t trust GPT to count letters in a word - then why on earth would you trust it to tell you about anything else?

I actually thought this exchange was a great example of the problem.

Two separate micro blog threads talking about Apple’s new Classical Music app …

Gregory Pittman

Dandy Cat

To add in my two cents …. Trying to work out how ‘classical’ is defined, there are some odd omissions.

When I have been fired … and I have … never thought that one option was to ‘not step down’ … I always thought that was for people who were asked to resign?

… and I’m sure I’ve read this ‘play’ before ..

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