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New Obsidian discovery ‘Page Aliases’ … then again I was really looking for a list of variables I can embed in the templates.

I love things that connect one family to different generations of creativity.

(Philip Jenkinson’ wiki entry, who before his main film gig, did video editing on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’.)

Talking of which great interview with ‘Whispering Bob’ on ‘Rockenteurs’.

Readwise Reading App

David Sparks seems to be a fan. I have read others on Micro Blog that rate it, BUT it seems expensive for a simple ‘read it later’ app?

Or am I missing something?

New Zealand is no ‘off-grid’ safe haven from the apocalypse

… maybe but that isn’t stopping the US billionaires. I mean if you have 5 houses - why not have one in New Zealand?

New Zealand is no ‘off-grid’ safe haven from the apocalypse

… maybe but that isn’t stopping the US billionaires, I mean if you have 5 houses - why not have one in New Zealand?

That moment when the literal alert arrives “are you STILL reading this?” (Block caps mine to emphasis how it made me feel)

AT&T Quickly Ditches Pledge Not To Fund Congressional Insurrectionists

I’m not sure they ever did anything … just words and ‘business as usual’.

”(The) series tackles a single issue, or “problem” each episode and was two years in the making.”

”Stewart first shared its loose shape with former HBO head Richard Plepler over lunch in November 2019.”

Seriously? The format sounds like ‘Larry Wilmore meets John Oliver’.

Brussels wants Apple to change iPhone charging system by 2024

Sounds like a great idea (not).

Imagine where Europe will be when an alternative improved system comes out .. but in Europe the law would say that you have to stick with USB-C.

The law of unintended consequences.

I do believe that @ron was my first ever commenter over in my Craft pages - and to my knowledge - the only one!


Found it accidentally, now I have to find out why I got no alert.

Central Park wasn’t exactly ‘central’ when it was created.

The thing is … ‘gaping void’ is the antithesis of the ideas that come from Hugh’s mind.

More Gaping Void at John.Philpin

It looks like I have another literal invite, just checked @radwan is in … so who else?

”How do you build a social media that functions like a healthy, diverse, equitable neighborhood?”

💬 Gregory Manni

Via ‘Manu’ on Social platforms

Unpublished from 2008

”All this made me think that now that we have a handful of activities identified, blogging, bookmarking, clicking, chat, email, etc. one could start from scratch and design a computer that just did these things without layers at all.”

💬 Dave Winer

The Fifty-Year Window

A sound reminder from Gaping Void.

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🎶🎵 If you haven’t heard New Zealand’s Maori Metal band ‘Alien Weaponry’, you are missing out.

This video touches on my reasoning. I’m not a metal lover … but a sucker for musicians driven by a passion with a message.

The video tells the story behind one of their songs.

Facebook Rolls Out News Feed Change That Blocks Watchdogs from Gathering Data.

Al Capone had two sets of books - and was caught.

Uber tried to cheat Apple and had software called greyball and god view - and then they were caught.

Zuckerberg thinks it doesn’t apply to him.

Much kudos to @danielpunkass who fixed an issue that has been bugging me in Mars Edit for the last 3 years.

To be fair, it took me 3 years to tell him about it!

I finally mentioned it after the last big release - and voila, fixed on the next iteration.


🎬🎥 It’s Harvey Keitel - so of course - a must! It’s a 2021 movie. BUT … ‘rent it for 99 cents’ didn’t fill me with hope.

Don’t worry - well worth the watch.

More Gaping Void at John.Philpin


More Gaping Void at John.Philpin

More Gaping Void at John.Philpin

Pre. Built. Customer. Journeys.

Because - you know that there is no need for the personal touch when you are using Mailchimp.

At least they are open about it!

Just in from Drafts

An introduction to using Drafts with Obsidian

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