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Everybody wants to be Jim Morrison but nobody wants to be found outside the 🔗 Whisky a Go Go out of your skull.

Just rapping with a friend - and out pops this sentence.

2023 | 09 | 25

The Daily Stoic … The Daily Quote … 09-25

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The down escalator is ‘chokka’ . Lady steps off and stops 2 feet away from the moving stairs, joined by her partner about 2 seconds later, who doesn’t move her along but proceeds to get his map out while they both look around. Their surprise when two seconds later more people ‘join them’ and two seconds after that … even more.

Finally they get it and move on, 2 seconds from a serious accident. #WatchingAccidentsInProgress … #ThinkingHelps #AwarenessHelps … most important #JustBeAwareOfPeople

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