The new book is charting in a number of countries including the USA and the UK … not to mention The Netherlands for some reason.

Short Interview With The Publisher can be found here.

The Kindle version is still free at time of writing.

Trickle Up Economics

We’re Living Through the Greatest Transfer of Wealth From the Middle Class to the Elites in History I really do hate that ‘elites’ word … they aren’t … they just happen to be a large group of people with lots of money and people in (or want to be in) power who want access to that wealth. That said - a recurring observation. The “connected” form a powerful bloc comprised of big government, big business and big special interests.

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Umm - because you had commodified your body?

Amazing what you see as you are strolling through the streets of Auckland.

I Reviewed the Last 100 Apple Podcasts App Reviews and They’re Hilarious

Hilarious? No.

Reviews are hard enough - to leave and get …

Interesting analysis though. What do people think they are reviewing when they review?

The U.S. Is Heading into a Perfect Storm of Fascism.

A little long - as is often the case with Haque.

That said you might not agree with his conclusions, but his observations that lead him there are pretty spot on.

Ditching Bobby … a totally useless app.

Why the number 137 is one of the greatest mysteries in physics.

So who you gonna believe …

Feynman and Pauli with 137
Adams with 42?

🎤 Jay Hoffman’s work narrated by Jeremy Keith on Apple and Castro

Only through Chapter One so far and the rest might not be for the general populous, but the first chapter definitely is. Great summary of the foundation of the web and the internet.

30 minutes. Don’t miss it.

So good … the entire site that is.