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Have to say, the ad is so famous with much written about it, that I thought I knew all the ‘nuances’ - at least those nuances in the public domain. Turns out I was wrong.

Why 1984 Debuted in 1983

“Find a writer you like and read them. If you can’t find the writer whose work you want to read, become that writer. That’s what I did. It’s great.”

💬 Cory Doctorow

The Full Story

What the hell has happened?

Me: Can I order food to go?

Them: Of course, our next deliveries are scheduled for next Wednesday.

Me: Sorry, I don’t need a table, just food to go.

Them: Yes sir, I understand. We require 5 working days notice for take-away orders.

Clearly somebody decided to attempt to channel ‘chinese architecture’ when they decided to put this up … they shouldn’t have bothered.

Whenever whoever erected this sign, there must have been a reason.

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