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🎵 The Soundtrack Of My Life

Prompted to write and publish this page ‘for posterity’ after a conversation with @hutaffe on Micro Blog after I asked him to summarize the ‘soundtrack of his life’.

Not unnaturally he asked me what mine was, which got me to thinking, because a few years ago - it was easy;

  • Pink Floyd
  • Genesis
  • Yes

Today I am a little more specific, which paradoxically allowed for more variety and is more inclusive;

But after more thought - I think the real answer is …

  • David Bowie
  • David Byrne
  • Peter Gabriel

… with Steven and Roger winning ‘honorable Mentions’.

The real reason for the question is an attempt to rapidly unpack where that person is musically. I am a big fan with likes that spread across decades and despite what that list MIGHT imply - I have a ressonably diverse taste, but I don’t want to bore people until I know that there is a mutual interest in and with the other person. So if the answer is (say) ….

  • Beatles, Rolling Stones and Hollies OR
  • Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles OR
  • Eminem, Beastie Boys and Public Enemy OR …

.. well you get the picture, The resulting conversation would likely be very different than if they respond with something like …

  • Lou Reed, Spandau Ballet and Thelonious Monk

A list like that reveals different genres and decades and the not so common names suggest they might be deeper into music than the passing radio listener that likes ‘both kinds of music’.

That said - I do recognize that although my list does at least span decades - there is a genre consistency that you think might suggest that I am firmly in the ‘prog camp’ - which I am - but not exclusively. One final nuance of the ‘the soundtrack’ is that the names that come out are often the foundation of someone’s taste … but like all good foundations - what gets built on top can be very varied.

When I wrote the rather long winded explanation above (which emerged from a reply to a post), I named the ‘three from the past’ and my ‘current three’ with a short overview.

I am now expanding on that transition, that will lead to how I explore music, which is unpacking some great memories that I have started to detail using AlbumWhale.

I like AlbumWhale, because it is all about albums and that is the format I have always been drawn to. AlbumWhale is created by Barry Hess and Shawn Liu. [All the public lists I have created can be seen here, because it is all about albums and that is the format I have always been drawn to.

So far these lists includes;

On ‘Gateway’, you will notice that though the albums featured might be bands, the focus is the specific individual that went on to influence my taste in many ways over the years. There isn’t any name that has appeared in the last 15 years or so, not because there aren’t new artists that I have found and am listening to, but none, yet, that have emerged and shaping other new discoveries. Part of that is because it takes time to onboard a new artist, get really acquainted with their catalogue .. watch as new music appears .. and get introduced to others.

But there’s more, it’s not just who is on the list, but who is not. One random example of omission .. Roland Orzabel and Tears for Fears, There are a couple of track duds in the catalogue, but on the whole, they don’t put a foot wrong … but he ain’t on that list. Why? Because despite loving his work, he has never moved me on and exposed me to new music and that is the point of this list.

Here’s hoping that this will contribute to a small appeasement of Mr. @simonwoods, who feels - strongly - that a simple list of three is just … well … inadequate.

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