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🎵 Top 10 Artists

Andy Partridge | XTC
Damon Albarn | Blur
David Bowie
David Byrne | Talking Heads
Jim Morrison | Doors
Peter Gabriel | Genesis (until he left)
Roger Waters | Pink Floyd
Roland Orzabal | Tears For Fears
Steven Wilson | Porcupine Tree
Stevie Winwood | Spencer Davis, Traffic,

I just thought I’d crack on and list ‘the 10’ off the top of my head. Other than Bowie, the list is ‘a name’ and ‘one or more bands they drove’. The bold is (IMO) the driving force of why they are on this list.

Not to say there aren’t lots of other great bands I love and arguably there are some severe omissions. For example - no ‘YES’ - who are one of the three bands that shaped the original 🖇️ Soundtrack of My Life.

Also not to say that this is definitive, I might have forgotten someone in my rush to write the list. If someone comes up - then one of these have to disappear - so they better be good.

Caveat - ‘Top 10’ is not necessarily the best, more a recognition in my mind of ‘lifetime achievment, who’s music resonates and who has in turn opened my eyes to other artists.

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