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Value Your Dreams

Working towards work-life balance solves the wrong problem really well.

But I realized something else last night …

A snickelcast highlighting the solution and what can go wrong.


Not an explanation … just a fact.

Now that’s a handy dongle.

Somethings you just do not do in the ‘atom world’ - but in the ‘bits world’, it’s a totally different story.

Not to me.

That’s partly why I launched People First

Getting myself ready for Episode 0.4 before I formally launch the People First podcast .. so, thought I’d give it the old college try. It failed .. but I’m pretty sure it’s not me!

Winer started it.

”I’m thinking sort of the opposite of broadcast.. NarrowCast, SlimCast, TrimCast, SmallCast, MiniCast, NoCast, UnCast, PayCast, BuyCast, MyCast, DudCast… just a few ideas


Thankfully he didn’t include microcast or snickelcast in his list.

Finally got to cleaning up the Philpin Sounds website …

  • three PodCasts for posterity
  • three MicroCasts
  • four SnickelCasts

… not sure we have a roll yet!

I have been thinking a lot recently about identity … personal, national, governmental just to start. And then just today … well listen for yourself.