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This post originated as a comment in another thread, but it made me think more - again - about how language is constantly being twisted to operate against people.

I wrote

“Language is powerful - …

Thomas Keneally’s 2020s vision: We must abandon the language of the market to reclaim our humanity

I posted this link at the time it was published (2020).

It surfaced the other day through my DayONE - and I decided to repost it in the category ‘Language Is Important’- ‘Tom’ and I are on the same page.

“The game is free … but you could spend up to $1,000 US Dollars just to buy the assets you need to play the game.”

Another example of redefining language.

This from Paul Butler

‘Language Is Important’ - a new category now available on this blog.


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“If, at the end of your show you say “Available where you get podcasts,” then my friend, you have a podcast. If you have to say “Only available on Spotify” (or some other exclusive service), good for you, but it’s not a podcast.”

💬 Dave Winer

… and I very much agree with him.

Language is important … and I am done with Corporates hijacking language so to appear better than they are.


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The Crypto Crash Has Destroyed a Trillion Dollars in Wealth

I question the use of the word ‘wealth’.

The $1Trillion came from nowhere … and now it’s gone back to nowhere.


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Building on an earlier thought Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended …

Bit by bit we are being divided and ‘taken out’ …

United we stand … divided we fall!


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Sorry - just because we voted you in, or you own a newspaper or are a big strapping tech jock … whatever … ou are not ‘an elite’ … another example of language being co-opted to maintain the status quo.