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🔗 Streams of Consciousness · Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer via ‘Om’.

More on this, in the comments, soon, like I often do.

Not sure what the plan is … or even if there is a plan … but I would vote from some more thought into how pages work on Micro Blog. Everything works just fine for a handful, but I am now over 20 and counting. It is starting to get hard to keep track of them with just a list;

  • which pages belong together❓
  • nested in the menu❓
  • is it showing on the menu or not❓

My kluge is to use emojis

My Pages

… but emojis in the page title do not consistently show up on the site. See this compared to this for example - and yes - not yet fully consistent with

  1. my page URL naming convention
  2. pages that seek to help in some category promotion

I popped in a couple of posts recently that are part of what I am naming the ‘New Zealand Jigsaw’. This post is one of my ‘living posts’ that will serve as the gateway to the full set, …

🪦 I Died Today.

… not me - someone else.


I will come back to this at some point because I want to say something - but not right now.

I wanted to write this post as a permanent test of applying ‘footnotes’ on my blog.

Here in the time line it is almost certainly going to look weird if there isn’t a title - but the idea is to improve …

Just Finished Reading: Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci 📚

I don’t write many book reviews but for this one I will make an exception - with a good reason - but not yet.

I will be back. (If you will pardon a spot of ‘Arny Channeling’ !!!)

I still need to write more about this - but no more dilly-dallying - time to share regardless. The image speaks volumes.

Credit Tim Urban via Chris Hladczuk

Experimental Post as I play around with the CSS ... a LOT!

“wise words being captured for posterity.”

💬 They Who Said It

simple markdown with cite separate

“wise …

Seen two separate references in the wilds of the blogosphere to this graphic in the last three days - no original source. Posting for posterity to revisit at some point.

The Roam Cult

Me? I’m still on the ‘let me in’ part of the list. Anyone else care to share their Roam Reflections?