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This was written a year or two - more? Ago. On my list to update it. Nothing needs to be removed, but there others that need to be added.

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First and foremost - my thanks to Manton, Jean and Vincent for the work they have done - and keep doing - in support of Micro Blog. Quite simply the best place to aggregate your distributed online presence to a single node and then to Federate back out. This to me is the secret sauce of the Micro Blog platform.

Beyond that, there is functionality and extensions built into what you see provided by the community that surrounds the platform. In particular @pimoore for the gorgeous Hitchens Theme that makes the site look this wonderful and in turn @pat who created the original theme in Hugo.

Vincent is also responsible for the iOS Gluon app - which is S T U N N I N G

And then there are the various plugins that make this site what it is …

What You Can See

What You Can’t So Easily See

(because there is some functionality going on that you might miss - just because you might assume that what you see on this site just comes ‘out of the box’.)

On each post you view on the site - there is a footer …