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I will share the recording link when it is available … but just listening to Doc Searls’ Ostrom workshop with Cory Doctorow .. if he’s half right … good luck with the future.

UPDATE, March 21st, 2023

🔗 YouTube Link

“Alas, the beginning is missing due to a technical glitch.”

💬 Doc Searls

🎵 Can’t Find My Way Home … Winwood, Clapton .. oh - and Trucks.

A friend of mine down under shared with me … seemed a pertinent message at this point time … not to say it is just gorgeous.

Why your favorite local restaurant might throw away its menu this year. (apple news)

I get it - but isn’t ‘choice’ a quintessential differentiation that America has - to distinguish it from the rest of the world?

Of course choice has its costs (hence that restaurant’s decision). Just think that when you order your eggs, bacon and coffee at the local diner, there are close to 1,000 potential permutations that the short order cook has to juggle. That surely is one reason why some diners say ‘no substitutions'.

I just wish that they would have started by cutting back on the choice of toothpaste first.

Toothpaste Choice

I wrote an email this morning, responding to something that had been sent to me, announcing - and I paraphrase - that despite the longevity of the work that he had been personally driving for decades, …

It’s Sunday - time to crank it up in a meaningful way

If the UK and/or the USA could find more leaders that demonstrate the qualities of Jacinda Arden, wouldn’t both surely be better off for it?

Sadly, she’s had her run, the voters are not going her way …

🎵 I have been working my way through Breaking Bad. Last night this was played with one of the characters singing along.

I had to look it up. Never heard it before. Didn’t know the artists. Superb.

The comments seem to be all related to the show, I guess it’s not just me.

🎵 Transatlantic are set to release a new concert set. I just watched a video.

BRILLIANT (not the performance … the idea.)

Many artists complain about cell phones in their concerts and the ensuing distractions for them and the audience.

Portnoy has clearly solved the problem.

Get everybody to use their phones like an old fashioned lighter and get those batteries drained to zero!

🎵 Apparently

HAKEN are set to release their seventh studio album ‘Fauna’ on the 3rd March 2023.

… and they celebrated Valentine’s Day with the launch of their latest single ‘Lovebite’. 

Happy Valentine’s Day

I guess Valentine’s Day is not what it used to be?

Most people I know will resonate with this 🔗 video. A great example of ‘truth in humour’. And yes I know there are exceptions … which is why OUR fitted sheets are always perfectly folded!