Just heard someone on CNN condemning North Korea for how many people are incarcerated there.

Know your own country first

Funny since I discovered micro.blog realized that tumblr had really just fallen off the heap … one for posterity … digitalloop.tumblr.com

Random Words 7/7

And you have got your message. I think you might be able to come to the game tomorrow morning if you are going to the church and then you can just take a walk around the lake but if you have any idea about the time I could get you something to eat.

”So Apple employees in the company’s new campus have been walking into glass walls. Looks like they were using Apple Maps to get around.”

The Information


”As America gets whiter, the world gets darker … and I ain’t talkin’ skin tone.”


🍻 Now THAT’S a pub crawl! 🍻

Random Words 6/7

But it didn’t take that much more to get better than it was before.

Thankyou UCD

Olive Oil directly from the fields.

Homepod Or Echo

For years I have listened to people as they gather around the ‘internet campfire’ discussing what/who makes the best hardware, software, service.

But is it really about the best hardware or software or infrastructure or stack or whatever else we want to call it? Surely, there can never be an absolute comparison, without understanding the rules of judgement? And those rules aren’t someone else’s. They are yours. You need to define what your needs are and the parameters against which you will judge before you can get to an answer of what is right for you.

It is about each of us defining what we want to do to improve ourselves, improve our efficiency, make life easier, more enjoyable … whatever we are wanting to achieve … and then choose what we want to use.

I happen to live in Apple land … but if a Surface tablet, an Android phone, a Chromebook works for you, I’m good. Trust me, even if you want to talk to Amazon’s Alexa through your Echo, your call. I am not in a position to judge whether you have the right tool, because you haven’t told me what you are trying to do and (just as importantly) what you are using at the moment.

BUT …. if you did … I can probably help.

As for the Homepod. Not got one. Yet. Probably will. Eventually. Not because I want to talk to Siri - I barely do that with my phone, but because I want to listen to great music with great sound. That’s what I want, and why Alexa won’t do it for me. Then again as a long time Sonos user, it might explain the Homepod procrastination!

People, Process THEN Technology.

Post Script

I have a related post about Microsoft Word in the works that relates.

A Perspective From England

I saw a 🎥 on 📺 last night … The Parking Lot Movie .. super way to spend an hour and ten minutes … a documentary revealing humor and humanity. Anyone else seen it. Thoughts?

An Excellent Read From The Outline On Gun Violence … to which let me append a quote I shared just two days ago …

”The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

D.H. Lawrence

Twitter - a stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous who love to second-guess, to leap to conclusions and be offended.

Stephen Fry

Two years ago on Twitter - one that I liked so much it ended up in DayONE and popped up as a reminder today.

🎵 was it [@stefp](https://micro.blog/stefp) or [@minton](https://micro.blog/minton) or [@laurentboileau](https://micro.blog/laurentboileau) or [@pgor](https://micro.blog/pgor) that put me onto Night Watch - and I was told it was Genesis like …. Genesis derivative I would say - would fit right in with those first 5 albums - and the voice - O M G … they used to talk about Fish - but this is even closer. Thankyou for sharing.

🎵 If you are already a user of any Rogue Amoeba product … this is a nice little thank-you from them.

Soundsource is a handy little utility - and this is where you can get your free license from them

👋 @manton - thanks for the 🚀 recommendation .. I am sure @katiefloyd will come around … I did

There’s something about this set up that is - oh I don’t’ know - beautiful?

I like that the iphone no longer needs to connect to iTunes to manage itself .. but I sure do miss the days of being able to block move the order of entire pages … wonder if that will ever come back.

Random Words 5/7

Hello again from my phone as I use the predictive text function on the keyboard… this is a strange experience