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📸 I’ve got a bike - you can ride it if you like - it’s got a basket, a bell - it rings and things to make it look good.

📸 Time - it’s just a construct.

📚 📸 Looking forward to tucking in - but as I said to my friend Graham, looks as if a snack approach is going to be more appropriate.

New Instagram Bug Raises Security Questions


A Bug? Security Questions? At Instagram?

How can this be?

Just came across this as I have been purging my social sites and consolidating ….. It still holds true.


📸 One Two. One Two.

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📸 Recording

Be Busy

📸 It’s amazing what you can find in a desert.

📸 Electric cars are older than you think

📸 Texture Picture

You Incomplete Me!

📸 Maybe Single Silos Are The Way To Go?


📸 Hawaii - gods country - and I’m not even religious !

📸 Ferry to San Francisco will be here soon #commute #sausalito #bayarea #summerhasbegun

📸 Tiki

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