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🧶 Sorting My Pages On MicroBlog

and then there is this ….

… she’s talking about Sam Altman

🔗 You can read the whole piece by Molly here, which includes substantial thinking on the challenges of decentralized identity.

The …

🧶 📚The second session of 🖇️ 🔎The Readers Republic is coming up - delighted that @artkavanagh will be hosting. Sadly @ton will not be able to make it, so his session will need to run at a future event.

Otherwise, looks like we are all in for a good session on the 6th/7th March.

🧶 📚[This is what 🖇️ 🔎The Readers Republic is all about - so far!](

If you click through - and are interested … there is a link to register at the top of the page.

// @artkavanagh @pimoore

It’s 🧶 Micro Monday Follow Day.

Click through - it’s a list of micro bloggers that have made it to the ‘filed for posterity’ quote wall.

Each of them well worth ‘properly' following …