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Is this possibly a back story to 🎬 The Banger Sisters?

🎥 MyFilmReviewsand🎬 MyFilmReferences’ are now clearly delineated and once the MicroBlog category filter catches up and gets back into synch it will be a lot easier to find relevant posts.

PS - I am fully aware that only I care about (or even use) the categories.

I wrote an email this morning, responding to something that had been sent to me, announcing - and I paraphrase - that despite the longevity of the work that he had been personally driving for decades, …

Seen them all and bit by bit will review and rate properly. 2 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.

You know what I’m talking about.

🎬 It seems that if I adjust a Letterboxd post … it pushes it into the feed again … sorry about that.

Movies that seem to be popular … but something doesn’t sit right … for me at least.

Apologies for the mini timeline flooding with movies. Sorting out and categorizing - if I am not done - I am nearly done.

[My Film Category]( now has two different emojis in the title

🎬 is just a comment on ...

🎥 is a movie ‘review’ that ties back to Lettrboxd - where I followed a few MicroBloggers just last night. 

Probably not all of you - but if you are here and want a follow - reply to this thread.

🎵 🎬 Moonage Daydream (Apple Link) just added to my ‘watch later’ movie queue.

Just added 🎥 Blind Ambition to my watch list.

I recently watched 🎥 Uncorked .. which has nothing to do with Blind Ambition - but have you noticed how studios often release related / competitive movies at the same time?