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“I think the relationship of a warm-blooded creature versus an object that is still and silent—which is essentially what I think sculpture is—for me is the sort of fundamentals. Sculpture is in our …

🔗 At Long Last, a Donkey Family Tree.

… because even donkey’s deserve to know their roots.

🔗 Styling

I will share the recording link when it is available … but just listening to Doc Searls’ Ostrom workshop with Cory Doctorow .. if he’s half right … good luck with the future.

UPDATE, March 21st, 2023

🔗 YouTube Link

“Alas, the beginning is missing due to a technical glitch.”

💬 Doc Searls

🔗 SMBC is on a roll.

🔗 Fancy an Excel Challenge?

Society is way behind in adapting its rules to this new liquid culture. It makes everything precarious for everyone. Sam Bankman-Fried went from the Forbes 400 to a jail cell in a few weeks. I don’t think he has yet to get his head around how destroyed his life is. (Have a suicide watch ready when he figures it out.) There are a few industries that still resist this facet of Moore’s Law. Education is one. Health care is another. Law is a third. We have yet to see Trump’s perp walk, and legal delays make new infrastructure almost impossible to build.

💬 Dana Blankenhorn

🔗 Everything is Liquid

🔗 Prison Abolition Even For Elizabeth Holmes.

Clearly. I have no idea who Elizabeth Homes really is, though I do have my own biased opinions that she is a con artist, but Nathan Robinson highlights a conundrum that goes beyond her case. That said - what would be very wrong is for Holmes to be the one that breaks the mold.

Half of me already thinks that she planned this pregnancy yo use it as a ‘get out of jail’ card.

🔗 Twitter is Going Great!

“Managers were apparently instructed to provide lists of people who should be promoted, only for those managers to then be fired and replaced by the lower-paid people they’d recommended for promotion.”

I heard that he thought Squid Game was real.

🔗 I agree so much with the article … the challenge comes in that final line. ‘We can’t allow’. Who is the ‘we’?