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Watch the first minute. If you are not hooked. Move on.

If you can’t see the video below try this link

Who is this?

Mike Monteiro - Suggesting that we Destroy Silicon Valley

It’s a bit of a test - but if it works - is one channel delivery method for my new Bunker-19 Vidcast.

Test Vidcast

Sorry - I can’t recall where I got this from - BUT for all Escher and Penrose fans a short mesmerizing video.

Extraordinary: In a Nutshell

The ‘full’ version of the ‘single second’ … for @seansharp .. more about Wilson can be read here

My thanks to @modernlittleme for the tip on ‘1 Second Every Day’ … I have been playing around with it through February and this is my first offering.

Caveat - though I think if …

As it says - carefully curated - so who am I to embed the video here. Go on - click through and spend 5 minutes of your life in a gorgeous distraction. Have your headphones (wired or wireless) ready to go.

Watch It Here.