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This Is Not The End.

🔗 Nick Cave on Growing Older - older mind you … not ‘old’.

This IS The Beginning.

🔗 Nick Cave on Being Young.

🎛️ That ‘Content’ word again.

You might have read my 🔗 many posts about ‘content’ .. and my singular objection to that word. Turns out I am not the only one. Will Arnett waxes lyrical about that exact issue on Smartless.

The Full Podcast: 🎙️ Smartless : Dana Carvey

I have been saying that My Speciality is Generality for years.

Turns out there is some science behind it.

For example ...

This lawsuit starts instead by accepting that drivers are independent, …

You can read the article here.

It’s not really a question as to whether New Zealand is being left behind. I think there are many countries facing this challenge … but the question is what is the …

“We really need to start treating people’s time as being more valuable than the organisation’s money.”

💬 Mark McArthur-Christie

I used the 4 natural forces model in my 📚recent book as an analogy for the 4 forces of humanity.

And then I read that 🔗 Fermilab has found a discrepancy with the mass of the W boson.

“The current …

I often listen to a podcast or read an article and at the end of it my reaction is 'yes … and' or 'yes … but’.

IF I feel sufficiently moved - a link might get posted to my Thought Stream, together …

Another way of saying “People First”

“The only way to solve this is by creating new systems that start by equipping customers with their own standardized ways to interact with any service function on the sellers' side, at scale. We actually have tools for that called phones and browsers, but we need to advance on both.”

💬 Doc Searls