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Every time I walk by this ‘fence’ on the daily constitutional I am reminded of the toll gate booth scene in 🎥🎞🎬📽 Blazing Saddles.

So quick notes for iOS 15 is only on the iPad …

Wandering around in circles, gnashing teeth muttering ‘why’ … ‘why’ … ‘why’

Up early and sitting quietly in the early hours. Suddenly the whole house is full of the sounds of The Rascals’ 🎶🎵It’s A Beautiful Morning

The power of a network of 🍎 minis that your partner can also control!

Fantastical Groups

Lime Retrieval


If I have to click on one more picture of a ‘traffic light’ - I am going to throw this machine through the window!

The Modern Complexity of the Simple Blog.

Somebody needs to let them know about Micro Blog, Dave Winer and Blot.

Or maybe Macdrifter need to either;

1) do better research, or

2) clarify the problem they are trying to resolve.

That moment when you create a new vault in Obsidian by moving a folder structure out of the current Obsidian vault, jump over to your new vault and all the extensions and css now needs to be set up from scratch ….


Or is it … read on >>>

Paging Kiwi Peeps …

Muriel Newman ex ACT now runs a ‘thinktank’ - anyone know much about her?

Should I be paying attention or ignoring her?

Interesting to see newly released Drafts 28.0 includes ability to publish directly into an Obsidian folder.

But there’s more :

Blot is also looking at the ability to be a web front end to an Obsidian vault. Right now it works - but links break, but we are moving forward.

Read On The Internet :

“Real chaos makes no noise.”

To put the ‘still counting’ but ‘already a landslide’ win for Newsom in the CA recall … he won Orange County!

Apologies for swamping the Micro Blog timeline - experimenting with Drafts and Obsidian working together and forgot that my blot site cross posted to

Cleaning the offenders out now - I HOPE it won’t happen again.

A man who called himself a ‘concerned citizen’ and defended Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes to reporters at her fraud trial turned out to be her boyfriend’s dad

Of course he did.

“My goal isn’t to talk about “fixing mobile”. Mobile will, eventually, get there. Too many people think “Mobile is the Future” but we are so far past that. Mobile is the present. We need to actually be thinking about the future that is coming and what we are going to need.”

Satire Site Gets Ridiculous Threat Letter From Baseball Team; cc’s Barbra Streisand In Its Response

Somehow this has to stop. The lawsuits - not the responses.

🎶🎵SoundCloud Says Portishead Song Earned 500% More Under New Royalty Plan

Reminds me of a question I have about SetApp.

How are the developers rewarded?

They get $$s because - I downloaded it? - I used it? (this month?) - how much I use it?

Yeah yeah yeah ….

The Full Story


And backacha

The End of American Exceptionalism

… it’s a couple of years old - and has too many tRump references … but he’s not wrong … if it ever was a reality.

“To see ourselves as others see us is a most salutary gift. Hardly less important is the capacity to see others as they see themselves.”

Aldous Huxley

via the wonderful Maria Korpova

As you watch the politics of Texas and Florida ( specifically Abbot and DeSantis ) … you wonder why all those hip technocrats moving there to avoid Californian taxes aren’t speaking up?

Future-citizen skills

McKinsey : three things that ‘humans’ will need in the future ‘world of work’

Number one

add value beyond what can be done by automated systems and intelligent machines

Shouldn’t we be asking what value machines can add beyond what we humans can be …?

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