🎵🎶🎼 What do you call the first 10 minutes of a song by Yes?

‘The Introduction’

… as heard on ‘The Rockentours’ with Rick Wakeman

To replace my main computer I used to need to double 2 out of 3 of

  • ‘RAM’

before I even thought ‘replacement’.

The Mac I want has same RAM and Hard Drive as my current Mac

I guess I need to develop some new gating logic!

Any ideas?

I just got my first “dear john … I’m a dying widow with a massive inheritance” email in YEARS … love to know how it got through the spam filters!


‘Anonymized Data’ Is A Gibberish Term, And Rampant Location Data Sales Is Still A Problem

Exactly - people still spend too much time talking about the data - and not the connections between the data. THAT’s where the power is.

JOHN . PHILPIN . COM is working again ....

My thanks to @manton for resetting my blog that I had broken. I mean really broken. How - because I was trying to be clever with the footer - and I clearly was not! Now back up with the Tufte Theme - courtesy of @pimoore running as it should - and the footer kind of organised as I wanted. Next step - now I understand the very clever nuances that Pete has included in the theme - is to reintroduce some of the emphasis I want.

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I’m not a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk’s style of oral communication - but I don’t think there’s any doubt that he has a knack to see possibilities, learns and acts.

What is an NFT? is a case in point - and it isn’t ‘oral’.

Yesterday Once More.

Ever wonder why recommendation engines work so well - yet still fail to find ‘new’ stuff for you?

I mean really new stuff.

Think carefully when you rent from Hertz.

More Than 100 Hertz Customers Are Suing The Company For Falsely Reporting Rented Vehicles As Stolen.

Statues Have Started To Attack People!

Funny - Not Serious

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