Dave Pell nails it.

Writing A Book - That's Easy

Writing? Not so difficult. Writing well? OK, more difficult. Convincing friends to give what you’ve written a free tryout on their Kindle? Not easy as you’d think. Finding absolute strangers who like to read books like yours and then convincing them to buy Book One in an unknown series? Now that’s the tricky part. Source : Dan Conover

I was going to post something from Stonekettle Station - but decided it was too hard

Facebook’s Downtime And Why Protocols Are More Resilient Than Centralized Platforms.

Maybe, but I’m not holding my breath that this will change any time soon.

Holy Sh*t. Telegram Says They Added 70M New Users During WhatsApp Outage

Not surprised. My telegram exploded with new ‘friends’ in that same period.

I just posted this to the literal club.

“14 members here. Two are from ‘literal’ … but I recognize the other 11 as Micro Bloggers … and me of course. Do we think that an integration between Micro Blog and Literal Clubs (or similar) is something that we might find useful?”

🎶 🎵 Revisiting 'Odessey and Oracle'

Revisiting Odessey and Oracle today after listening to the Rockentours talking to Colin Blunstone. Great Songs.

“It’s amazing that you have to check which ‘telco provider’ the other person is on before you can make a call .. didn’t we fix this 100 years ago?”

Now that is both clever and unexpected.

My highlights in various domains are beginning to appear in Readwise, so taking a closer look.

Each highlight can be shared to FB and Twitter ( @manton - shouldn’t MicroBlog on that list? ), but you can also save to a png, like this …

Trying out ReadWise - using a two month free test thanks to a Nick Milo link … and yes - I am exploring the Readwise integration with Obsidian … it was Nick that gave me the idea!

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