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๐ŸŽต Steven Wilson

It’s hard to summarize an artist like this.

Something I wrote about Wilson 6 years ago

His Wikipedia entry

His ‘main’ projects include rock, powerpop, metal, progressive, drone, electronica … but for me, it is his second and third solo albums that sit at the top.

Grace For Drowning

The Raven That Refused To Sing

My musical tastes are not driven my songs, singles or even albums. Rather - Artists. And the really great artists in turn introduce me to other great artists.

Some Bands / Players that came to me via Steven Wilson.

Guthrie Govan
Marco Minnerman
Nick Beggs
The Aristocats
Pineapple Thief
Bruce Soord

His most recent album - The Future Bites is one where I absolutely love the message - but to be honest, the music is up and down.

If youโ€™re into visuals โ€ฆ a Dane called Lasse Holle is the dude โ€ฆ

For the happiest pop song he has ever written - Permanating - but make sure you watch the video

If you use YouTube โ€ฆ check out the Steven Wilson channel and there’s a new channel dedicated to Porcupine Tree and if metal is not your cup of tea, preferring something lighter, but with intricacy, complexity โ€ฆ. try the Blackfield channel - well worth a listen.

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