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For a while I have been using Bookmarks to (inconsistently) mark posts where someone in the community has offered help on some aspect of Micro Blog or related services that I had been stuck with. Meanwhile I also had a new category - called ‘help’. So - the last few posts allowed me to unbookmark the posts in question and it is now indexed on my Help category. This is definitely NOT a replacement for the excellent help resources that already exist …

The Official Help Site

TIL - thank you @SimonWoods

Custom MicroBlog - thank you @miraz @jsonbecker @hall

Are there any others? (Let me know in the comments and I will add.)

That said, maybe there is something here you might find useful and interesting. (As of February 18th, it is a short list - but I am currently re indexing my back catalogue, so I expect a few more will surface as I go.)

Micro Threads

Thank you @amit


Thank you @bradenslen

The code for setting up the Pinboard, Letterboxd, and Books sections

Thankyou @mtt via @pratik

Moving from Mastodon to a new instance or to

Thank you @manton

How To Remove Pages from menu on your Micro Blog using Edit CSS.

Thankyou @warner

It’s interesting how small things mess you up. I am putting some time into trying to make it easier to find stuff on my blog and recently discovered filters where you can β€œautomatically set categories …

Readwise Help for Readwise People

Readwise views are really useful but the commands to do what you want are not obvious. These two from the horse’s mouth we know as Dan Doyon.

Show me all docs that have no tags: has__not:tags

Show me all docs that have no highlights: has__not:highlights

Show me all docs that have highlights: has:highlights

Backing up your MicroBlog? Let me count the ways ….

πŸ”— How to Add Chapters to Your Highlights in Readwise with Headings …. it is amazing how much stuff there is under the hood over at #Readwise.