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The story continues and gets weirder, but it’s Idris .. right?

And it all ends with an interesting set up for the next story.

I’m not big into biopics … but for this I will make an exception and all because of Rami Malik. Quite brilliant in this role.

Loved the first one. Loved this one. Love the books. In my mind, Paddington can’t go wrong.

Maybe it should-be 5 stars ... but that would mean it couldn’t be improved ... and everything can be improved .. can’t it? How? No idea.

Watched on Friday March 3, 2023.

One of his best. Maybe even his best?

3 stars from me, 4 stars from Jax. I likeChristian Bale’s work, I thought the β€˜Poe’ character was excellent … but in the end, I didn’t really care, even with β€˜twist’ at the end.

I wanted to like it … nay .. love it. I really did. But it was not to be. Definitely extraordinary scenes of β€˜spectacularity’ within, but they weren’t enough to create a 3 hour movie and even at under 2 hours would have still been a push. Sorry.

A solid Marvel movie. Perhaps overlong?

I had it at 4 Stars in my head when I first watched the film. I checked it out again recently. It’s dated … and not as great as I remembered. Because I’m older? Or just more considered.

I still like the idea of never quite putting your finger on when it suddenly went the character’s tipping point occured.