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Rishi BY 'Led By Donkeys'

While we are on the topic of that election things coming up in the UK …. Excellent reminder from ‘Led By Donkeys’

Back Of The Boat

Ken Robinson

Miss Ken. So spot on.

Responsive Video

๐Ÿ–‡๏ธ After this .. another one from May last year. This one wasnโ€™t as โ€˜finished, so tweaked a bit for clarity.

Separate question - what was going on in my life in May last year?

straight line

Just off a loooong web โ€ฆ

Introducing one of my best friends in the world. Sorry the video is small post some cropping. Hope to fix that.

PS - Everything you hear is Randall, live at that moment. No backing dubs or overlays - other than his loop box.

Original video by David Wiltsie

Mr Pie - as spot on as ever.