Korner heavily influenced the early British rock scene.

If John Mayall is the Godfather of British Blues, I wonder what that makes Alexis?

@issimonwoods I'm not so much actively looking to replace Stoop - as to make sure I don’t get app creep ...

I am liking Readwise / Raindrop combo

Then today I found Matter - which connects to Readwise - but also offers Stoop like functionality

I also have learnt today that Readwise has 'Read Later' functionality 'coming soon'

All good - I just don't want / need 4 apps to do this.

Something will have to go.

@Help … is it only me that suffers from hanging replies?


Reply to a post … the spinning thing never stops spinning.

You go away to look at the stream … it hasn’t appeared …

Go back to the reply … still spinning … so cancel and start again.

Reply just goes this time.

And now in the stream there are two identical replies!

@jeffmueller @peroty also just got Matter … I like … but I’m with you on wondering how they make money ..l then again .. similar questions over literal …anyway for now … I just wish I had what matter does in Readwise …

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