5/5 How Do You Stand Up And Be Counted?

And regardless of who is responsible … how do you make them listen?

The part not recounted here is the build up of passengers behind us who had also had their bags pulled… some were clearly going to miss their flights. (We had a significant buffer, for no particular reason, but at least that bit worked out.

Any and all of us had significant reason for complaint .. but we don’t .. you know … because … we all had places to go.

But after all is said and done, who do you complain to? Who needs to be told that the system is broken, not standard, not working … who even cares?

Kafka rules.

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4/5 So Who Is Responsible?

Is it over regulated Govt? A govt that wants to ‘do it better’ than ‘RoW’?

Or Heathrow… ?

Or BA who are the sole T5 operator?

Or over zealous staff at the security desk?

All of the above … and at each level it just gets worse and worse?

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3/5 Is It Just Heathrow T5 Passengers That Have to Play By The Rules?

We all have to pull our computers and devices out of the bags. I was well ahead of the curve … or so I thought.

Take them out of their cases sir.

Compliance is my middle name … done.

No attention paid … ‘security woman’ simply covers computers and devices with said covers.

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2/5 Dear Heathrow, What Happened To Consistency?

It appears that leather shoes are a major threat to civilization, they need to be removed … canvas and rubber boots … no problem … leave them on.

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@odd If oyu could send 'everything' - would be great - but what they send has to fit into a 'security supplied' plastic bag.

@artkavanagh outside of London their are likely less escalators per capita … but I bet the people are still there!

Grabbed my Mac for 30 minutes.

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