Instead of using

div.epigraph { /* styling here */ }

I used

div.cite { /* styling here */ }

where '/* styling here */ ' was identical to what I have been using for 'attribution'

I am seeing no change where I used cite?

Also I see no mention of 'cite' in static/css/style.css - am I looking in the right file?

// @pimoore

@pimoore i am loving and tweaking as I go - thankyou. 'cite' is my first dive in - I have been using 'attribution' - and now trying to have them style the same way - failing so far :-( ... but I will persevere. MY only worry on shortcodes is how tied I am into the system if - IF mind you - I move to a different place where the short codes arent supported.

@Moondeer ah ha! you see what you are dealing with?

A simple walk through on video would be a good idea.

Maybe a check in with @til around this - certainly don’t want you to go out of your way for me - but i sense I am not the only one that might benefit.

@niekhockx sorry - saw your post and this came to mind.

"... and off the side of the side road was ....."

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