On a separate note ... (my bold)

"The S&P fell to 3,655 yesterday, marking a new low for 2022. The British pound got further pounded, with many analysts now predicting dollar flipping the pound before year-end."

Well - when I say 'on a separate' - I mean 'in a different' ... post.

@kaa and here on the other side of the world - amongst all our friends - we have three couples with kids at home with 'a nasty stomach bug' - and no they don’t know each other - just us.

@jakelacaze yup … probably a not thought through copy and paste from some other job … and what is it with typing speed?

1] , e.g. ‘Marketing Director’

  • Do you have E-commerce experience maintaining a website adding pictures, etc?

  • Do you have more than 2 years of experience in social media content creation?

  • Do you have skills in Google PPC, WordPress, Photoshop, SEO, and email marketing campaigns?

  • Are you able to type 40-50 words per minute?