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Yes - and ...

The group of 150 or so is not that big.

I KNOW the person. We haven't met in the flesh - have on Zoom and the spouse I have met IRL.

I am in New Zealand - but a Brit that has spent a long time in California.

The other person is an intelligent American from the North East states - living in the UK.

The group is primarily UK oriented.

In so many ways it is no big deal. Talk about first world problems! And it isn't that singular issue - but rather a broader thought - that IF someone I know can take umbrage at my throwaway joke and get offended (personally - or 'on behalf of') .. in a different space it could be a lot worse.

Maybe it's me - but then - 🖇️ maybe not

@writingslowly thank you for reading.

I guess in my mind I have 🔗 articles like this bouncing around my head - where there are questions around whether white boys not only 'can't jump' but should also be careful around performing hip hop. I don’t see too many articles the other way round - hence the Beyonce poke.

I think the point I was (badly) trying to make is really around 'two way streets' - and no 'cultural appropriation is not oft' discussed in there - but it is not shall we say a 'focussed' group.

I am not a fan of either Beyonce OR Country music - so maybe I should have just left alone .. it just stuck me as funny - and didn’t really expect a history lesson in country music and the role of race in the same and to be accused of not checking my facts - given that I hadn't used any.

In the end who cares? I can cross them off my Christmas card list - no big deal ... I just wonder if it is the very thin end of a very thick wedge being driven into communities.

@bobwertz and ...

  • the repetition (of stuff already said elsewhere AND even within the same podcast - where the 'tell em what you are going to say, tell 'em and tell 'em what you just said has been taken to a whole new level) ... and ...
  • the opening line .. 'lets get down to it' ... and ...
  • the droning (on and on) ... and ...
  • the lack of any knowledge about the topic at hand - but still the need to take a position

... with you.

There are some exceptions.

@bradenslen I find that if i ‘literally’ throw a stick at my computer it is at risk of being damaged 🤓 but in the immortal words of ‘Charlie’ .. “I Understand”.

@bjhess wow .. brilliant use case for a guestbook actually connecting the online and offline world.