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@frankm and assume that feels good value to you?

thanks for the clarification .. highlight and copy to drafts is my way - definitely not as slick, but one less app to deal with.

@nielsk 👌🏾

@patrickrhone AhHa - noted

Daring Fireball: European Commission Unveils Long-Awaited Stupid Proposal to Mandate USB-C on All Cell Phones and Devices … great read.


You can go back to your personal preferences …

iOS 15: Revert Safari to Old Design & Get the Safari Search Bar Back on Top on iPhone Screen

@gruber writes;

‘It’s long been my guess that iPhone is never going to support USB-C. I think it’s Apple’s intention to go straight from Lightning to wireless/inductive, with no “port”. Portless is the future for all devices. Yet the product design geniuses at the European Commission want to mandate all devices have one specific port in 2024 and indefinitely thereafter — a port that by that time will already be 10 years old.”

Which says what I want to say far more eloquently than I could - so why write my own?

Don’t get me wrong I would be more than happy to have one standard to use across my apple devices, but given that the world governments can’t even agree on electrical voltage or even a mains plug - I seriously do not want them messing around in this space.

// @ChrisJWilson @ronguest @hjertnes @jamescousins

His comment re 🍎Watch - that is 100% wireless for data and power is also true.

@simonwoods great news .. though not sure about the house moving - but I know what you mean 🤪

@Archimage and will assume you are ‘locked in your ways’

@Munish it is incredible …

Energy Crisis: Is Your Gas Supplier Going to Go Bust?

@pyrmont not ever heard the ‘a’ but Americans do seem to change English for no reason and add even more confusion at the same time, two examples

1) they use i.e. and e.g. interchangeably

2) they often “could (sic) care less”

@ChrisJWilson new news … Thankyou … lessons never learned … what you get when bureaucrats are in charge.

@cdevroe I never used gmail outside of my ‘throwaway’ gmail that you have through signing up ….

That said I do have some mail free websites that I’m thinking of adding.

@toddgrotenhuis that MIGHT be why - try it out before buying?

… come to think of it, Alien Weaponry also hits another musical love - fusing to different worlds, like;

  • Rock Group with Orchestra
  • Opera singers singing ‘normal’ songs
  • Jazz / Rock
  • Folk / Rock
  • Sudanese Rock

. .. you get the drift, it’s just that …

Maori Metal fits right into that vibe aswell.

@mpmilestogo well Puerto Vallarta is on my list, so …

@mpmilestogo that pizza is $6?

@ohBananaJoe it’s still the same software though … so not enough for me.

@simonwoods I have a test account there - but I am mainly in the Substack world.

@Miraz should be in iOS21

@brucegodin any specifics?

@Miraz yes please

@simonwoods oh - adding new ones - yes I agree - I create groups in busy contacts - an app I’ve had for years that still does some contact stuff better than the rest.

@simonwoods see this entry … from there you can email to that group .. is that what you meant?

@wilsongis I sync obsidian with iCloud just fine - and I don’t even have their sync app - I just point obsidian at an iCloud folder

@leifwright welcome back!!!

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