MBMay Redux

Why This Comment



🎶 Album Cover of a rare Andy Partridge album. The song 'I Dont Want To be Here' includes the line;

"I don't want to pick the thorny rose"

@odd I had not - and now have - the creativity of some people is absolutely mind blowing!


mostly everything starts in drafts and thence to

1 micro blog
2 wordpress - for the business blog
3 craft - because I like it
4 pages - for the more meaty articles headed out somewhere
5 apple notes - mainly to share with the house
6 obsidian - which points at a few vaults on the drive and I use in fits and starts
7 iawriter - that sometimes gets used against those same files
8 ulysses - which i have an hardly ever use these days

Trying to get drafts to an ‘inbox zero’ style of usage.

not there yet!

A couple of Republic of Readers meetings ago we had a great set of sessions on note taking - what to do AFTER you’ve made a note etc

you are right - a lot of responses!