@humdrum to be clear - books didn’t duplicate - but I had cleaned up all the categories after last import … looks like I have to run through that once more.

@nitinkhanna I don’t - but I did set up a micro blog club there - it’s open to anyone - but only two literal people are there outside of real micro bloggers - what I really want to see is integration between literal and micro blog - @manton has specs and has been thinking about what that looks like …

@dejus a long journey ( time wise ) on the best of days … but you missed Oroville !!!

@v I need to get out more … ‘cookies have seasons’? … oh - edible cookies … DUH

@odd I know. I wasn’t saying it was good - but for the number of bonds per movie - nothing else comes close!

@Gaby of course it goes without saying that you and others are not talking about the original Casino Royale?