Stacked Menu with Dropdown


@DaveyCraney we’re on the same page .. though if the end of Ep. 6 was the big twist you reference … nah .. but EXCELLENT in every way.

@kottkrig I just enabled your photos plugin on Microblog. Very simple. Very nice. Thank you. Any chance you might be doing any extra work to make it even more awesome?

Three thoughts; because I can :-)

1) You already have 'from these categories' - which I am currently using. But what if I wanted NOT from these categories. (Use Case - Last year I did a daily Stoic, which featured images. I would like to NOT show those images - so choose 'not stoic' category would crack it.

2) Any thought about being able to use it is several places. So on Photos - I could have the full gallery - but in other places (different pages - so using shortcuts?) - I could just have pictures from a specific category - say - a MB Photo challenge.

3) There is one image that I have in the system that I use repeatedly - in the gallery it comes up every single time it is used. Maybe a setting that says only show image once in gallery. OR - never show image with this file name? (I know - edge case!)

Anyway - regardless - thank you.

@rickcogley it’s Uber .. so whatever they answer is not to be trusted .. I would ask the delivery person.

@cygnoir nice .. re the no resurfacing problem .. which I too have had occasion to ask whaha? i believe that the imports aren’t an ‘official’ part of micro blog .. so won’t be picked up .. at least that’s my explanation of @sod ‘s explanation .. makes sense .. but that does mean anything prior to MicroBlog launch is not going to come though … surprise me however does … I think?