@pratik ... I want to do that - but how?

How are you importing lettrboxd - as in what is the feed? All i can see is how to export your data - to a csv file?

@sod you had me at "there will be a better user experience around "plug-in pages" in the future."

@Pilchuck the new recruits can’t be called ‘space cadets’ … that title was used by the ‘founder’

@bradenslen @joelhamill in that context I get the need … a wider mandate than the narrow interpretations that one of the other services would focus on … ✅ … and I know we have the air force … so space force … a natural extension …. Land, Sea, Air and now Space … and still it doesn’t sit well with me … maybe I’m too affected by the Malkovich / Carrell show? Maybe it’s the word ‘force’?