@joshuapsteele good list - and the wonder is I can then save your readwise to my readwise and add my annotations - without having to bother with the Twitter stuff ... thankyou .

One day the Micro Blog Mac app will allow me to post a picture with no words - like you can on iOS.

On the Mac I find that I need to add a character to get the button active.

@joeltimmins have not spent much time on the albums - been trying them out on YouTube - and not inspired to spend time adding them to my real music world. will pull up album 1 and take a listen.

@pratik Nothing that I am aware of - speaking as an old English male ... but I think if you are a younger, educated and qualified accountant, engineer, nurse ... and you can't get a job - despite the government saying they have shortages - it might be a tad dispiriting?

Maybe real Kiwis might have a better idea?

// @billbennettnz @Miraz @jayless @yorrike ?? ... and I know there are others ....

@stefp ignoring the irony that Anderson’s replacement in Yes started in a Yes tribute band 🤪

@custom one of those ‘conversations’ will have been be with @andysylvester … and yes frustrating … even now I know. Why?

Because I can’t see an easy way to insist on straight quotes … so I end up copying and pasting and using text expander … but it shouldn’t be that hard for something so fundamental.

@hjalm I have not … the words came from a review I read .. will edit to make that clearer. I will give it a whirl … but have to say my experiences of ‘once great bands’ doing ‘one more’ are not great.

@jtr 🍎🗺️ for me … but I appreciate if you are on Linux, Windows, Android .. that doesn’t help.