Over in VRM Land … there has been recent discussion drawing parallels between online and physical privacy.

”The fact that we wear clothes as we parade public spaces demonstrates our intention and desire for privacy.”

Dele Atanda

You can find Dele Atanda here.

It is a concept that I have heard Doc Searls espouse on occasions … I disagree.

If you really want to test it … try walking out into the streets of London and New York .. naked … and check the response.

We might THINK that the clothes are there to protect our privacy … but isn’t there a stronger argument that they are there to ensure we fit into some kind of societal norm … and please don’t even think of varying the kind of clothes … the apparent freedom of clothes is actually a very specific framework of what is allowed - and not.

Don’t dress like your children, wear a tie to work - unless you are a woman - in which case no ties allowed, but please ‘be sensible’. Let’s dress down on Fridays - not in flip flops and sandals - ‘business casual’ only. Down at the seaside - men - feel free to expose your nipples - women - hold fire … and please wear a headscarf in St Peters but don’t wear a hajib on a French Beach … go to England for heaven’s sake.

What do you think?