Just been listening to the latest micro monday podcast with @klandwehr … nicely done. At one point @macgenie was talking about the ‘differalities’ of blogging and podcasting - we seem to be on the same page where I introduced ‘snickelcasts’ and wrote:

“With a blog, you open up your text editor of choice and write, you edit, you write more, you file it in a drafts folder, you come back to it and eventually one day you hit ‘publish’ and without a word suddenly your thoughts are out there in public domain for anybody to read. To some that is a scary proposition, but as I said earlier - if nobody reads it, what do you lose?


But a podcast is different. Unless you understand sound files, can edit sound files, can mix and merge different sound files, you are essentially recording your self in a single take. And that is hard. Just try reading prewritten words into a microphone and see what you feel about the result. It isn’t easy. Now imagine talking like that, right off the top of your head … without hesitation, deviation or repetition . as the old BBC radio show, ‘Just a Minute’ would have. That’s difficult.

There is a LOT more … including just what exactly is a Snickelcast.

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One of an occasional series of posts commenting on ‘Differalities’ (the ‘commonalities’) that divide the UK and the US.

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