Happy Birthday To My Domain.

It was twenty years ago today that … Philpin.com was registered.

**Happy Birthday 'Philpin.com'**

It’s been through many transitions since those early days … the hosting company has changed three times, the software that runs there has changed even more, but it basically became a WordPress site in 2006 .. the year the domain moved to Siteground.

1999 predates my move into the world of the Mac that happened in the December of 2001 (that’s a different story) … tentatively to begin with … ‘doze completely abandoned three years later.

Of course 2001 is also the year that Douglas Adams passed away … May 25th to be specific … and so Philpin.com shares its birthday with International Towel Day

Over the years, other domains have distracted me from time to time and despite it being a WordPress site, it has never been its own blog. Sure it has on occasions been the place where feeds all get directed to, but in anticipation of today, I killed all that a week ago.

Today, Philpin.com is just three pages. I am slowly building it up again, restoring it to its ‘former glory’ and the heart of my online activity.