🎵 @Jacob I was going to do this anyway - but I decided it had to be today because it is @macgenie ’s birthday and she said that what she wanted for her birthday is to call out and respond to others, so …. great work.

Your new blog Musicians on Micro.Blog is a wonderful addition to the growing network of services being built around Micro.Blog. It is now fully tied into Just Good Music with a link in the top menu and interesting also to see the overlap of contributors to both worlds.

Thanks also to @manton - not just for Micro Blog - but his call out this morning to the musical direction of Micro Blog. None of us know for sure who listens to what we say and write - but somehow, I do sense that when @manton posts - people read :-)

One final call out to my co-conspirator on JGM - @JoeJenett Without his work - there would be no web mentions running back and forth between our various sites and the @JustGoodMusic account - GREAT WORK.