WeWork co-founder lines up $350 million A16Z investment for a new billion-dollar real estate venture.

There is so much wrong with this story.

Apart from someone like Adam Neumann rising again …. it’s the old VC trick again…

The 350 Million ‘values’ the company at 1 billion - and so far it has done nothing. But of course - if you put 350 million in - and get - say 30 to 35% of the company in return - then the whole company MUST be worth over a billion … right?

Andreesen himself is of course hot on property … so this is right in his wheelhouse.

His father-in-law: John Arrigala - who passed earlier this year is famous in the valley for being the guy that owns ‘all the property’ that these businesses are built on.

Beyond that - following in the footsteps of Oracle’s Ellison … he has been buying up Malibu property … last year - in the space of three months - he spent around 1/4 billion on THREE properties in Malibu.

Of course - his main house is in Atherton (the most expensive zip code in America), just down the road from his father-in-law’s estate in Portola Valley.

Carry On.