Having said that I reject lists I am quietly building some interesting lists of albums on AlbumWhale … and when I say lists … were I to tell you that one of those lists has just two items on it … you will understand that the word ’list’ is being rather loosely used.

Because actually, I like lists … but I like them to have context.

Sometimes the context is helped simply by knowing who created the list and maybe why they created it. ‘Top 50 guitarists in Rock music created by Rolling Stone’ might be one such example. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with who is on it, or what position they are in … But the source being a known quantity … Rolling Stone .. is sufficient for me to engage.

Lots of albums listed by someone I don’t know, where I rarely know the albums listed and those I do, I don’t like most of the time gives me no reason to engage. NONE.

If that album had a sentence that explained why? … my engagement interest goes up … significantly.

Back to my lists, they aren’t the 50 albums I’ve always loved … mainly because such a list would include bands like Talking Heads, Pink Floyd and Tears for Fears … and really … who cares?

Rather I have taken a different tack.

  1. A list of phenomenal albums by artists you might not have heard about - and why I think they are so good? 🎵 Would that be interesting?

  2. How about 🎵 a list of albums in chronological order of release that highlight the single album that opened my eyes to the artist?

  3. A new ‘WIP’ list - focussed on something I am calling 🔗 English Progressive. Early days yet, 🎵 there are only three listed so far, but the future is big

You can find all my AlbumWhale lists here - but those three are the main focus for now.

Thankyou for your attention.