TIL : Eugene Levy and Martin Short are friends that go back to when they were kids at school together in Canada. Their first professional gig was Godspell where the cast also included Gilda Radner and Paul Schaffer. Which got me to thinking;

  1. Just how many performers that we (well I at least) β€˜assume’ to be American are actually Canadian. (The percentage of top notch performers per capita from Canada must surely blow the US ratio out of the water … he declares without a shred of data to back himself up.)

  2. How often artists are so deeply connected, gathering around each other in social groups, long before they are famous. This is not the same as John, George and Paul or Roger, Syd and Dave … I am talking about just massive talents - hanging out with other massive talents - not particularly creating together or moving forward together professionally. They just seem to recognize each other and want to be in the same space - even if they aren’t practicing the same discipline.