In Wisconsin’s supreme court race, a super-rich beer family calls the shots.

Telling …

In one corner …

Tuesday’s election for a Wisconsin supreme court position has been the target of huge amounts of Uihlein money – surprisingly, on both sides of the political divide. On one side stand the billionaire couple Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein, owners of the Wisconsin-based shipping supplies company Uline, who are on track to pump millions of dollars into the race in support of a conservative judicial candidate, Dan Kelly.

And, in the other corner

On the other side, Richard’s cousin Lynde Bradley Uihlein, a prominent funder of progressive causes, has already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the liberal-leaning judges vying for the supreme court seat.

I’m pretty sure that the conservatives ‘pumping millions’ see it as an ‘investment’ and the democrats .. well - not so much.