Not mine … Chris Donato’s … but bears repeating … The topic is Sales and why there are no rules. No playbook. No nothing really ….

  1. There is no proven, tried and true playbook. Don’t spend too much time looking for or reading one.

  2. You can’t rely to an executive within your company or an expert who’s prescribing to do this or do that - they’re just guessing (maybe with more wisdom and better intuition, but still guessing what will work). Listen to their advice, but realize it’s just advice. It’s on you to figure it out.

  3. Even if a strategy or tactic worked one time, there’s no guarantee it will work again to get the same result.

And, that’s part of the beauty of this profession. There are not two deals, two decisions, two buyers or two experiences that are ever the same.

So what can you do?

  1. Be curious, not invasive
  2. Run experiments (in a controlled manner)
  3. Be incredibly creative
  4. Be an awesome listener
  5. Become good at solving problems and finding solutions
  6. Care a whole lot about your client’s situation and outcome
  7. Be collaborative, not cunning
  8. Never compromise integrity
  9. Value your time
  10. Be inspiring and persistent but not pushy or tone-deaf
  11. Have a very positive attitude

He is definitely not wrong.