🔗 🎙️ 🎵 A Music Podcast Unlike Any Other - The New Yorker

The New Yorker writing about one of the best music podcasts ever by Andrew Hickey.

I’ve posted about the podcast before - it is absolutely incredible. A tour de force - but apparently that wasn’t enough for Hickey because …

The only background necessary to grasp a bit of Hickey is his bibliography: he has completed a guide to the first fifty years of “Doctor Who”; a book about “The Strange World of Gurney Slade” (a surreal comedy series that ran for six episodes on ITV in 1960); histories of the Monkees, the Kinks, and Los Angeles pop music of the nineteen-sixties; an “unauthorised guide” to a comic-book series called “Seven Soldiers of Victory”; and a three-volume catalogue of every track the Beach Boys have recorded.

PostScript - I discovered the podcast via @dave who was waxing lyrical about it a while back.