🔗 Rebuilding will be a huge and costly undertaking, governor says - Honolulu Civil Beat (Apple News).

So much being written comparing this disaster to other disasters around the world U.S.A.

Finally, someone writing about what will make the recover absolutely unique, and very very difficult.

Also delaying recovery is the fact that Maui is a less populous island in a remote island state. Robert Fenton, FEMA’s Region 9 administrator, likened the Maui fire to wildfires such as a 2018 blaze that destroyed much of the town of Paradise, California. He said the scale of destruction reminded him of the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. But a major difference, he said, is the ability to respond. On the mainland, he said, it’s possible to quickly “muster 3,500 dump trucks” to move rubble. “I just can’t do it here,” he said.