The problem with the metaverse … (Is that still a thing?) (What is it these days?) … is that it is ‘singular’. Companies pushing for it think that they are delivering it. They are not. They are delivering access to their own particular online Universe.

The Metaverse requires interoperability, much like the fediverse … so that one account … somewhere .. identifies you and then you can use that account to jump around the metaverse wherever and whenever you wish.

The track record of those companies on the internet is ‘not good’ … at best through to ‘appalling’ … and onto .. well, this is a family show .., so will leave it to your imagination as to how bad it gets!

When you look at the rampant attempts at lock-in on the web - I really have little hope for those organizations suddenly seeing the light and offering interoperability in the ‘metaverse’.